Miss my work…

Got ready today just to go to the shops to buy a thing for tomorrow and to leave my clothes at my old work. I was in a really really good mood because I was actually doing something haha. Ive been soooo bored the last couple of days…. Came to work and all I wanted to do was cry. Haha it may sound silly but I really really miss my job, it not just a place I go to earn money, it’s a social thing where I meet my friends. Fingers crossed theres a job for me when I’m allowed to work again. 


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Byta bloggportal

Jag kommer antagligen att byta bloggportal då jag haft lite problem med bloggen på sistone. Någon som har någon portal att rekommendera?

I’m probably going to change which site I blog with, I’ve had some problems with it lately. Is there anyone that can recommend anything? 

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We went to IKEA in Brisbane the other day, which I found amazing, but James didn’t.. haha. I feel like home and he just wanted to get out of there, asap, even tough I bought him meatballs, can you believe that?! 😉

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Åbrink Agentur

Tänkte att jag skulle tipsa om företaget Åbrink Agentur AB! Strosade runt lite på internett och kollade inredning när jag hittade denna hemsida med otroligt vackra och stilrena möbler, precis vad jag gillar! Mina favoriter är deras taklampor och pendlar, sjukt snygga och gör susen för att piffa upp ett helt rum! Vad som även inspirerade mig var att redan möbler fungerar både i hemmets alla rum och tillexempel ens arbetsplats. Stilrent och fantastiskt snyggt framförallt.
Företaget har olika kända och sex stora återförsäljare; ;Erik Jörgensen, DePadova, Lightyears, Magnus Olesen,  Mobimex  samt Luceplan. Tycker personligen mest om att hitta produkter via internett och snabbt kunna jämföra priser, men att sedan faktiskt kunna se produkten irl. Tyvärr är det ju så att bilder kan vara lite missvisande ibland! Företaget marknadsför några av de främsta italienska och danska möbel- och belysningsföretagen och arbetar i Sverige, Norge och Danmark och de skriver själva att de representerar företag vars filosofi stämmer överens med deras där design, kvalitet och funktion är lika viktiga delar i konceptet.

Ta gärna en titt på deras hemsida och njut av all inspiration. Vad tycker ni? Vilken möbel-, design- eller belysning är er favorit?
Länk hittar ni HÄR

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”Step mum”

Will I ever do it right?
Will I ever be accepted?
Will I ever have something to say?

Being a “step mum” is hard. It’s really, really hard. 

Growing up with divorced parents have taught me a lot, I have two step parents that have been in my life from a young age and I’ve grown up with them and my “real” parents. I’ve seen the good things and the bad things just as you do with any other human you live with. Just like any other human! I’ve learnt how to accept them just as any other and they have learnt how to accept me. Like a family member, with or without the same blood running in our veins. 

It must be hard seeing another woman taking a parent roll with your child and it must be hard seeing an other man doing the same. Its hard. 

As far as I know most parents want their children to grow up safe and happy, loved and taken care of. What does that mean? It means the child needs safety, happiness, love and care from their family or families. Simple as.
And as far as I know a step parent needs to care about their step child and treat him or her like it was their own, with or without the same blood running throng the veins. 

Or is that wrong? Maybe step parents shouldn’t care so much, take on so much of responsibility or give so much love? Maybe a step parent should just be quiet, smile and stay on the side? I´m not saying that the step parent should decide important decisions over the child, or try to be the child’s mother or father. I’m just saying that personally, from my experience would rather have caring and loving step mum or dad. 

Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know… But maybe I’m right. 

A woman told me recently that sometimes in life you go through hard things to prepare you for what the future holds. Maybe thats my reason for going through a family that separated? Me growing up with divorced parents prepared me to know exactly what it feels like meaning I can be the best possible step mother to Mason. Well I’d like to think my life experience is being put to good use. All I know for certain is that I’m doing my very best. Thank you James and Mason for appreciating me and being my family.

Extra love to all of the step parents and step child’s out there, I hope you are in good hands.

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Finally Mason got to see Santa! He’s been so exited for soo long and today was the day he got to make his wish. ”I want some presents please Santa” haha. 

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Working with James the last couple of days has not been as bad as I thought actually! It´s hard work! I keep getting sore muscles, my back is sore and I´m constantly sweating haha (poor Cinderella, right?), but I still kinda enjoy it. It could be because of his company, working with your best friend is always a good thing. Talking rubbish all day, laughing until we cry and just constantly smiling. There is nothing better in the world.
A hard day at work makes you appreciate the next at the beach 😉


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Piece of sh*t

This little piece of sh*t is right now being a pain in the a*. Haha, she is spewing up, having wees and poos everywhere. Lucky we love her sooo much other wise she would be in big trouble ! 😉

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